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Shamuna House - Floresta

Quito, Pichincha

Design:  Arch. Matias Irrgang
Construction: Arch. Matias Irrgang, Arch. Jorge Echeverría.
Year: 2018
Use: Retail store
Material: Laminated wood, Concrete, Brick, vegetation, landscape
Architectural Visual: Arq. José López Montalvo
City: Quito
Country: Ecuador

The Shamuna House project is located in the traditional neighborhood of La Floresta in the city of Quito. The house dates from 1947.

The essence of Casa Shamuna stems from the union of needs and ideas of our great friend and client Nicolás Sotomayor, with whom we work hand in hand, in order to create this space with a variety of materials, textures and experiences. The space is shaped in a U-shape, where you can carefully observe all the clothing products and various design items from other unique brands through its corridors. Our goal with the mix of materials such as wood, brick, metal, glass, vegetation and light was to generate different levels of perceptions.


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