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Fco. de Orellana Boardwalk

Fco. de Orellana, Ecuador

Design: Arch. Matias Irrgang.
Year: 2017
Area:  45 200 m²
Use: Loading dock for fluvial transports, Recreational Zone.
Material: wood, stone, concrete, steel.
Ciudad: El Coca, Francisco de Orellana.
País: Ecuador

This was the thesis project of Arch. Matias Irrgang, it is located in the city of Francisco de Orellana (Coca), Ecuador. Its objective is to strengthen and diversify the local economy and tourism through the redesign of the Peripheral Strip Zone 4, current boardwalk area, and the Francisco de Orellana Fluvial Loading Dock on the Napo River.

This area is envisioned as a new recreational-tourist-commercial center that promotes social cohesion and the local identity. This goal is achieved with a series of community facilities and services for local and regional inhabitants and tourists. The River Loading Dock is an urban landmark, a gateway to the Amazon region, a center for the transportation of goods and people between the communities of the Napo, Coca and Payamino Rivers of the Ecuadorian East.

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Based on a diagnosis made and evaluation of the area, an architectural plan that responds to the needs of the area  is proposed where a transition strip is projected, connecting the city and the river. In addition, a functional, efficient and formally adequate River Wharf is proposed in order to meet the current commercial and tourist demands. Environmental strategies that promote comfort in the face of the climatic conditions of the Amazon region are thoroughly applied.

Given the intention of defining qualitative and quantitative parameters that would justify certain design actions that were applied in the territory, measures to be considered in search of a spatial organization and socio-functional relationships of commercial and tourist activities developed by users were defined. A methodology was applied to incite commerce and ideal Tourism functionalities.

In this proposal, local materials such as volcanic stone and recycled materials such as ground glass are used in the aggregates to the concrete mix, in paving stones and facade coatings (Blue Stripe). As energy sustainability strategies for the project, conditioned air will not be used, only correct cross ventilation at height and solar panels will be installed. The gray water will pass through an SBR purification plant which will be used to irrigate the gardens in addition to collecting rainwater.

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