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COSMOS Casas Project 2024

Quito - Ecuador

Design: Arch. Matias Irrgang, Arch Ana Belen Fabara
Technical team: Arch. Andres Celi, Arch. Dayanara Cazares, Arch. Samanta Tapia, Daniel Ayala
Year: 2024
Space:  7.64 m2
City: Quito
Country: Ecuador

Searching for the essence of natural and organic forms we have created Cosmos, a futuristic architectural pavilion intended for contemplation, a lucid dream immersed in the senses. Through the shapes and movement of space, we seek to reconnect by awakening our gaze on our daily environment-habitat with the particular geographies of Ecuador, a country with endless inspiring places.

To achieve this purpose we conceptualize the space, using various strategies, lines of force, movement, arches and mirrors that expand the space, indirect lighting, as well as recycled materials such as crushed glass, among others. A screen-frame was also incorporated, an element that simulates a window, a portal.


The images selected for the projection convey the intimate connection that our team has with the four regions of our country, in which we have carried out various projects, as well as the footprint of the cities as architects and designers.


Finally, the final shots remind us where we are in this COSMOS, our spaceship: planet Earth. Once they have experienced our space, we seek for visitors to rediscover their inner sensitivity through all their senses. In a visual capsule.

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