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Ruta Fútbol

Tumbaco, Km 8 Ruta Viva.

Design: Arch. Matias Irrgang.
Construction: Arch. Matias Irrgang, Eng. Carlos Coba
Collaborators: Arch. Luis Felipe Rueda, Bamboo construction process.
Architectural Visual: Arch. José Luis Romero
Year: 2018
Area:  285 m²
Use: Sports Complex (Refreshments Area, Changing rooms, Office, Toilets and Guard Post)
Material: bamboo, concrete, polyester canvas.
City: Tumbaco, Pichincha
Country: Ecuador

The Ruta Futbol sports complex is located in Quito, Ecuador. It was designed and built in 2018 by the architect Matias Irrgang. The work comprises an area of ​​285 square meters, which consists of two buildings, a bar / restaurant, a building for sanitary services, as well as a synthetic soccer field.

At the time of undertaking this project, we sought to explore the benefits of construction with renewable materials such as guadua cane. This material has excellent qualities against bending and compression when used in long lengths, facilitating the creation of a raised roof that expands the space. This was done in order to comply with the conditions of the project, a rapid, easily removable, low-cost construction with an innovative and attractive design.

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