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V.M.J.A. House

Puembo, Pichincha

Design: Arch. Matias Irrgang
Collaborators: Eng. Carlos Izurieta
Year: 2021
Area247 m2
Use: Vivienda
Material: Laminated Wood, concrete, ladrillo, vegetaction, landscaping.
Architectural Visual: Arch. Jean François Mayer
City: Puembo
Country: Ecuador

The V.M.J.A. It was conceptualized by Eng. Carlos Izurieta together with Architect Matias Irrgang in the city of Puembo, Ecuador. The house is based on a design that takes advantage of the views, of wide and functional spaces bathed in natural light.

This house has two bedrooms connected to its garden, as well as a large kitchen in conjunction with the living/dining room that ends in a brick fireplace, a place to gather the family together with warmth.

All the common spaces are externally connected by a wide porch that views the Andes in its vicinity. One of the biggest challenges in this proposal was the structural part, but thanks to the characteristics and resistance of the prefabricated wooden beams, it was possible to play with the design and generate large spaces. The house is surrounded by gardens and these, due to their large windows, form part of the house as a single element.

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